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Saturday, October 30, 2010

g.o.r.g.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s™ |shirts.2|

Baju lagi =) Entry kali ni, we try to provide even a lower prices item, eh mcm IKEA plak :) Kpd yg berurusan dengan kami, thanks for your support~!

Size: Free Size (Including waistband)
Bust 90 cm Length 68 CM
Material:Cotton Product Code: FB1007 (RM42)
Size: Free Size
Bust: 80-88 CM, Length: 75 CM
Product Code: E019 (RM45)

Product Code: WH1855
Size: S M L
S:Bust 84 CM, Length 57 CM
M:Bust 88 CM, Length 58 CM
L:Bust 92 CM, Length 59 CM
Color: White/Black

Product Code: D3270 (RM38)
Size: Free Size
Bust 87 cm Length 61 CM

Size: Free Size
Bust 90cm, Shoulder 38cm, Sleeve 44cm, Length 71cm
Product Code: LY1181 (RM43)
Color: Grey

Size: Free Size
Bust 80-85 cm Length 65 CM
Product Code: Y8722 (RM36)

Size: Free Size(Unworthy belt)
Bust:90 cm,Length 80 cm
Product Code: K9829 (RM40)

Product Code: S0003 (RM36)

Size: S M L
S:Bust 84 CM, Length 55 CM
M:Bust 88 CM, Length 56 CM
L:Bust 92 CM, Length 57 CM
Product Code:JK1302 (RM45)
Color: Black/ White/ Pink

Product Code: Y8676 (RM35)

Bust: 80-90 CM, Length: 72 CM
Product Code: Y6017 (RM37)

Size: Free Size
Bust 70-80 cm Length 107 CM
Product Code: Y10546 (RM49)

Size: Free Size
Bust 86 cm Length 85 CM
Material: Wool
Product Code: LY1359 (RM47)

Size: Free Size
Bust 80-85 cm Length 60 CM
Product Code: J695 (RM35)

Size: Free Size( Detachable vest,False two shirts)
Bust 88 cm Length 70 CM
Material: Cotton + Tencel Cotton
Product Code: LY1357 (RM48)

Product Code: LY1358 (RM45)

Product Code: JK1505 (RM45)

Size: Free Size
Bust 84 cm Length 68 CM
Material: Wool
Product Code: D2003 (RM47)

Size: Free Size
Bust 100 cm Length 82 CM
Material: Cotton
Product Code: D1988 (RM40)


                                                          Product Code: A1855 (RM40)

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